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AlixPartners' Patryk Szafranski awarded silver medal in AIRA's 2017 Zolfo Cooper Awards | Association of Insolvency & Restructuring Advisors

July 28, 2017
AlixPartners' Patryk Szafranski was honored with the silver medal in the 2017 Zolfo Cooper Awards and a Certificate of Distinguished Performance, awarded to candidates who earned the top composite scores for all three parts of the CIRA exam comp...

Quantifying Damages in Commercial Disputes | Corporate Disputes Magazine

July 12, 2017
In this mini-roundtable, AlixPartners' Rich Bergin, Andrew Grantham, Timothy Gray, and Derek Holt discuss the importance of assessing potential damages when filing commercial disputes.

Meeting Healthy Foodservice Demands | Convenience Store Decisions

July 07, 2017
Managing Director Eric Dzwonczyk advises how convenience stores can meet consumers' healthy eating demands.

Let's make a deal: Automakers, U.S. auctions align to prop up used car prices | Reuters

July 07, 2017
Mark Wakefield, co-head of auto practice at AlixPartners, predicts more production cuts for the industry.

Data Breaches Can Paint a Bullseye on Their Backs | Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

July 06, 2017
AlixPartners Director David White discusses the ways you can protect yourself from becoming a target for cyberattacks through data breach.

France to Ban Sales of Gas, Diesel Vehicles by 2040 | Time

July 06, 2017
The reality of the US following in France's foot steps and banning gas-powered vehicles will only happen once electric cars become more affordable, according to Managing Director Mark Wakefield.

Go Long Chicken Wings If You're Bullish on Driverless Cars | Bloomberg

July 05, 2017
AlixPartners' Mark Wakefield discusses other industries that may profit as a result of driverless vehicles.

More factory problems as Elon Musk's Tesla starts producing the Model 3 | Los Angeles Times

July 03, 2017
Director Alexandre Marian says Tesla's mid-market Model 3 is in for a challenge, calling mid-priced cars one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Amazon’s Whole Foods Deal Adds Pressure on Grocery Services to Deliver | The Wall Street Journal

June 29, 2017
The Amazon and Whole Foods deal suggests interest in grocery delivery, but an AlixPartners study from last year showed otherwise.

PE firms fire 58 pct of portfolio CEOs within two years of a deal: survey | Buyouts Magazine

June 29, 2017
In this article, AlixPartners' annual private equity survey shows that PE firms fire 58% of portfolio company CEOs, which boils down to a lack of due diligence on the CEO.

Airbus wants you to think helicopters are cool, so it’s going to make them way faster | Quartz

June 28, 2017
AlixPartners data on the aerospace and defense industry may explain why Airbus is trying to revamp the helicopter's image.

Five Signs That Stores (Not E-Commerce) Are The Future Of Retail | Forbes

June 27, 2017
According to an AlixPartners report, retailers’ store fleets are subsidizing their online businesses.

Waymo, Apple Deals Bolster Rental Firms for Ride-Sharing Age | Bloomberg

June 27, 2017
Managing Director Mark Wakefield discusses what self-driving vehicles might mean for ride sharing comapnies and car rental services.

SpaceX’s Successful Friday Launch Opens Weekend Doubleheader | Bloomberg

June 23, 2017
Luigi Peluso says Elon Musk and SpaceX have proven themselves entirely since the September 2016 accident.

To Survive Amazon, Supermarkets Need to Get to Know You | Bloomberg

June 23, 2017
AlixPartners' Murali Gokki says the Amazon and Whole Foods deal will force grocers to make the in-store shopping experience more pleasant and efficient.
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