Supply Chain Management

In today’s business environment, managing a supply chain is no easy feat. Add the objectives of year-upon-year reductions in inventory to the need to maintain customer delivery service performance at 98% or better, and it becomes an even bigger challenge. The ability to operate a multisite or global supply-demand network is a competitive imperative and—when done right—a critical source of strategic advantage.

At AlixPartners, we understand the interaction between manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution assets. Combined with working-capital needs and constraints, it’s a complex puzzle that requires a sophisticated solution. And that’s where our deep experience in supply chain transformation comes in. Our pragmatic approach, real-world experience, and advanced modeling techniques enable us to identify major improvement opportunities—and to then deliver tangible results quickly.

Depending on a client’s needs, we can either make quick adjustments in inventory levels or institute profound changes that transform an entire supply chain into a global competitive weapon. Whatever the strategic goals, our supply chain work is focused on one thing above all others: meaningful results that directly affect a client’s bottom line.